Karadeniz Technical University is a state university institution subject to the Law No. 2547 on Higher Education in Turkey. It is supported mainly by state funds allocated by the Turkish Parliament.

Karadeniz Technical University describes itself as

  • the fourth oldest university and one of the largest educational institution in Turkey,
  • having one of the most beautiful countryside settings in the world,
  • encompassing a large selection of study programs,
  • an opportunity in obtaining dual degree and joint degree,
  • an institution of academic excellence with enthusiastic, friendly and dynamic research team,
  • an institution where teaching and research is closely integrated,
  • an institution of innovative-, interactive- and research-oriented teaching with modern infrastructure, modern laboratories and good field work opportunities,
  • an institution of first-class indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities, with activities ranging from football to table tennis, to swimming, and to badminton and squash.
Last Updated : 17-04-2014