Trabzon is the emerald green city of the Black Sea CoastSpread along the shores of the Black Sea, Trabzon has a climate typical of the region. In summer the temperature is pleasantly cool, and in winter it is mild with an annual average temperature of 14.5 oC. It has a relatively high rainfall all year round, producing a landscape of lush greenery. Dense pine forests cover the mountains, and an abundance of crops flourish in the lower elevations and valleys. The area is home to many beautiful species of plant and wildlife, many unique to the region.

The unusual and varied landscape has shaped the 
industry and culture of the area. The villages in the area were established in the valleys extending seawards from the mountains. Here the villagers cultivate crops such as tea, hazelnuts, maize and breed livestock. From June onwards, there is a general migration from the villages to the mountain plateau or ‘yayla’ where they take their livestock to graze in the fresh and green pastures.

Last Updated : 13-04-2017