Trabzon currently has a relatively low level of industrial development. Much of its industry is agro-based. About 20% of hazelnut and tea production takes place in Trabzon. In addition to this, substantial amounts of tobacco, potatoes and maize are also produced. Nowadays, kiwi production is introduced in the area to replace tea and hazelnuts. Trabzon is also of particular importance to Turkey's fishing sector. 20% of Turkey's fish production takes place in Trabzon. Industrial plants include cement, building materials, medical products, metal andglass products, fish canning, and furniture.


Trabzon is increasing in importance as an international trade centre, functioning as a bridge between the Caucasus, Central Asia and the West and is playing an important role in the growing trade between the Middle East and the CIS. With its modern port, international airport, Free Zone and tourism potential, Trabzon looks forward to a bright and prosperous future.
Tourism is also of increasing importance to Trabzon's economy as more and more foreign tourists explore Turkey's less developed and unspoiled regions, and become aware of the many attractions of the Black Sea coast.
Last Updated : 15-04-2014