Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Dentistry was founded on 16 June 2003 in Trabzon. Since then, the decision to open to service was given for the deparments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Conservative Dentistry, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, Endodontics and Periodontology. Following the assignment of specialists of all the departments, dental services were commenced on 19.9.2005 in our faculty.The education period was determined as 5 years. The student education started in 2006-2007 with 30 students in Faculty of Dentistry.
Qualification Awarded  
Graduate diploma in DENTISTRY is given to students who accomplish all the courses in the curriculum.
Level of Qualification:  First Cycle Degree  
Mode of Study:  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements  
1 - Diploma of high school or an equivalent school.
2 - Adequate grade from ÖSS.
3 - Sufficient linguistic ability for the English education. (500 TOEFL/ 6 IELTS)
Recognition of Prior Learning  
Recognition of prior learning is at the beginning stage in the Turkish Higher Education System. Karadeniz Technical University and hence the Department of Geology is no exception to this. However, exams of exemption are organised at the start of each term at the University for courses compulsory in the curriculum, such as Foreign Languages and Basic Computing. The students who have completed the learning process for these courses on his/her own or through other means, and believe that they have achieved the learning outcomes specified are given the right to take the exemption exam. The students who achieve a passing grade from these exams are exempted from the related course in the curriculum, and this grade is entered into the transcript of the student.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations  
Bachelor's degree is assigned to students who accomplishes all the courses in the curriculum (300 ECTS), whose transcripts are at least 2.4 out of 4.00 and adequate grade from the internship report.
Profile of the Programme  
Dentistry is a science which is related to basic medicine education as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases concerning oral and neighbouring tissues. Also, it provides adequate public health services to be rendered.
Our primary aim in Dental Education is to; educate dentists conforming to ethical issues, following the current scientific improvements and having moral values as to render service to the public as their mission.
Courses in the curriculum of our Faculty of Dentistry is comprised generally of annual courses (35 weeks), in addition to this some of the courses are presented semi-annually (18 weeks). Therefore the curriculum is designed in an annual fashion. Work loads are highly occupied since the application course durations (laboratory, application, stages) are also time-consuming.
Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations  
The students are subjected to mid-term exams, semester tasks (preclinic practices, internship, seminar, quiz, assignment or another mid-term exam) and end-of-term exams. The contribution of intermediate exams and semester tasks is 50% the end-of-semester exam is 50%, respectively.All the exams are assessed over 100. It is mandatory to take at least 50 from the end-of-term exam. Passing grade for the end-of-the year is 60. Students who accomplish (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB) and (CC) from one course are considered successful.Students can take at most two make-up examinations at the end of each semester.
Graduation Requirements  
Bachelor's degree is assigned to students who accomplishes all the courses in the curriculum (300 ECTS), whose transcripts are at least 2.4 out of 4.00 and adequate grade from the internship report.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates  
Dental surgeons work in public institutions or in private practice. They work in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, Private Dental Hospitals and University Hospitals.
Access to Further Studies  
Candidates can take lectures in graduate doctoral programs in case they suffice in ALES exam and have sufficient grade from English.
Contact Information  
Postal Adress  Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi Kanuni Kampüsü 61080 Trabzon/TÜRKİYE
Phone          : 377 47 00
Fax              : 325 30 17
E-Mail          :
Web Adress :
Departmental Facilities : 
Four classrooms, two student laboratories, eight intern clinics, eight clinics, one research laboratory, one seminar hall, and one student canteen are available in our faculty.
First Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
AITB193History of Revolution and Ataturk' S Princip.44+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 102Basic Computer Science21+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 104Physic- Biophysic43+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 127History of Dentistry and Ethic Principles11+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 141Medical Biology and Genetics62+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 143Anatomy62+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 145Basic Information Technology21+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 147Dental Morphology and Manipulation131+4+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 149Biostatistic41+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 151Biochemistry83+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
PSK 103Behavioral sciences21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
TDB 109Turkish Language44+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
YDB 115English - I44+0+0CompulsoryEnglish
First & Second Semester Total :6028+9+0
Second Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
DIS 202Endodonti21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 203Dental Materials21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 241Microbiology and Parasitoology62+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 245Histology and Embriyology62+1+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 247Physiology63+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 249Prosthodontics122+4+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 251Preventive and Restorative Dentistry81+3+0CompulsoryTurkish
KIM 211Biochemistry42+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :5216+10+0
Third Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
DIS 302Oral Microbiology11+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 304TMJ MOVEMENT AND OCCLUSION11+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 311Orthodontics42+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 317Oral Diagnosis and Radiology42+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 321Dental Anesthesiology21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 343Pharmacology32+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 351Prosthodontics62+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 353Pedodontics21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 357ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY32+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 361RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY51+2+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 363General Pathology41+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 365PERIODONTOLOGY42+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 381ENDODONTICS73+6+0CompulsoryTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :4621+10+0
Fourth Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
DIS 402Oral Pathology21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 409Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases41+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 451Pharmacology21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 453Endodontics42+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 457Orthodontics72+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 459Oral Diagnosis and Radiology61+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 463Pediatric Dentistry41+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 465Periodontology62+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 471Prosthodontics 82+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 473Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery41+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 475Conservative Dental Treatment51+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 481Deontology21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :5416+0+0
Fifth Year
CodeCourse TitleECTS H+T+L C/E Lang.
First & Second semester
DIS 502Maxillo-Facial Surgery21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 504Maxillo-Facial Prostheses21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 508Dental Office Management and Ergonomics11+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 523Endodontics (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 525Prosthodontics (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 527Orthodontics (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 529Oral Diagnosis and Radiology (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 531Periodontology (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 535Restorative Dentistry (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 537Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 547Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases and Surgery21+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 549Public Oral Dental Health101+3+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 565Pediatric Dentistry (Clinical)40+20+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 575Clinical medicine45+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
DIS 576Clinical Medicine-II44+0+0CompulsoryTurkish
First & Second Semester Total :5714+163+0