S C I Yayınlar


  1. Author(s): Sukuroglu, EBaltacioglu, E
    Title: Analyses of clinical and osteoimmunological parameters on keratinized mucosa around dental implants
    Source: NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE Volume: 22 Issue: 5 Pages: 652-660 Published: MAY 2019 
  2. Author(s): Korkmaz, FM; Ozel, MB; Tuzuner, T; Korkmaz, B; Yayli, N
    Title: Antimicrobial activity and volatile constituent analysis of three commercial herbal toothpastes containing Aloe vera L. and Fragaria vesca L. extracts
    Source: NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE Volume: 22 Issue: 5 Pages: 718-726 Published: MAY 2019  
  3. Author(s): Turgut, S; Kilinc, H; Bagis, B
    Title: Effect of UV aging on translucency of currently used esthetic CAD-CAM materials
    Source: JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC AND RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY Volume: 31 Issue: 2 Pages: 147-152 Published: MAR-APR 2019 
  4. Author(s): Altintas, NY; Kilic, S; Altintas, SH
    Title: Oral Rehabilitation with Implant-Retained Overdenture in a Patient with Down Syndrome
  5. Author(s): Deveci, C; Tuzuner, T; Cinar, C; Odabas, ME; Buruk, CK
    Title: Short-term antibacterial activity and compressive strength of biodentine containing chlorhexidine/cetirimide mixtures
    Source: NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE Volume: 22 Issue: 2 Pages: 227-231 Published: FEB 2019
  6. Author(s): Coskun, U; Candirli, C; Kerimoglu, G; Taskesen, F
    Title: Effect of platelet-rich plasma on temporomandibular joint cartilage wound healing: Experimental study in rabbits
    Source: JOURNAL OF CRANIO-MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY Volume: 47 Issue: 2 Pages: 357-364 Published: FEB 2019  
  7. Author(s): Kayipmaz, S; Akcay, S; Sezgin, OS; Candirli, C
    Title: Trabecular structural changes in the mandibular condyle caused by degenerative osteoarthritis: a comparative study by cone-beam computed tomography imaging
    Source: ORAL RADIOLOGY Volume: 35 Issue: 1 Pages: 51-58 Published: JAN 2019  


  1. Author(s): Yahyaoglu, O; Baygin, O; Yahyaoglu, G; Tuzuner, T
    Title: Effect of Dentists' Appearance Related with Dental Fear and Caries Status in 6-12 Years Old Children
    Source: JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Volume: 42 Issue: 4 Pages: 262-268 Published: 2018
  2. Author(s): Turgut, S; Kilinc, H; Ulusoy, KU; Bagis, B
    Title: The Effect of Desensitizing Toothpastes and Coffee Staining on the Optical Properties of Natural Teeth and Microhybrid Resin Composites: An In-Vitro Study
    Source: BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL Article Number: 9673562 Published: 2018  
  3. Author(s): Tuzuner, T; Guclu, ZA; Hurt, A; Coleman, NJ; Nicholson, JW
    Title: Release of antimicrobial compounds from a zinc oxide-chelate cement
    Source: JOURNAL OF ORAL SCIENCE Volume: 60 Issue: 1 Pages: 24-28 Published: MAR 2018  
  4. Author(s): Memis, S; Candirli, C; Kerimoglu, G