The Brief History Of The Department

 Computer Engineering Department (CE) offers degrees in both undergraduate and graduate levels. The students finishing the undergraduate degree are entitled as computer engineer. The accepted students for both undergraduate and graduate levels are required to pass the English Proficiency Exam to continue to the department’s courses. Otherwise they have to attend English Preparation School. Graduate students can take English Proficiency Exam at the end of the first semester of English Preparation School, while undergraduate students can take the exam only at the end of the first year of the preparation school.

The graduate students can start their regular department courses in spring or fall semester. But undergraduate students can only start taking the regular courses at the beginning of the school year. After attending one year of English Preparation School, the students are given the English Proficiency Exam. All the students who took this exam gain the right of continuing the regular education in the department without taking in to account whether he or she passed the exam. But the students who fail the exam at the end of the preparation school period, have to take the exam and pass it in the following years to graduate from the department.

The CE department, located at the main campus of KTU, accepts 110 undergraduate students (55 for first education- 55 for the second education) and 10 graduate students every year. There are currently about 400 undergraduate students and 40 graduate students attending the classes in the department. Currently, there are 2 professors and 5 assistant professors serving in the department. Additionally there are 6 research assistants and one expert helping to the faculties in labs, exam and other stages of the education. The CE department, started education in 1993, has also PhD program which is started in 2008. The undergraduate students choose one of the software or hardware braches in the 5th semester. The students graduated from these divisions deserve the Computer Engineer title.

The department started applying English Proficiency Exam and the English Preparation School starting from the education year of 1997-1998 for those whose English level is not enough for education in English. The students who pass the English Proficiency Exam directly get registered to the department. The other students are required to continue English Preparation School for one year. Since every technology depends on the computer either in Turkey or in the world, working areas of the department’s graduates are very broad and they thereby can easily find a job in public or private sectors. The graduates can find a job in the area of design, production and quality control, and research in both public and private sectors.


The computer engineering department is located in main campus called Kanuni Campus. The campus is also located across the Trabzon airport. Taxi is available in the airport to go the campus. Additionally taxi and dolmush are available to g oto the city center ( Ataturk Alani). There are also scheduled regular dolmushes from city center to the main campus. CE department is located in the east part of the campus. The building of the department is circled in the Picture below. The building is shared with Electrical and Electronics Engineering department