Radio Ktu


Who are URY?

Radio KTU is the student radio station for the University of York, broadcasting 24 hours a day during term time on across the Karadeniz Technical University Campus and worldwide via this website.

The station is run by students for students, meaning the people behind the station understand what the listenership want to hear.

With no playlist and no set format to many of our shows, our presenters have the chance to try whatever they like, as long as it's legal!

Where are URY?

Radio KTU studios lie at the very heart of the Campus in our own building at Karadeniz Technical University main Campus.

Radio KTU real presence is felt outside of the studio, around the campus at major University and Student Union events, whether we're covering live music, recruiting new Freshers or reporting on major news events.

Our Teams

Behind the scenes, the main activities involved in running the station are broken down in teams, which contain officers who are responsible for specific areas of station activity.

Radio KTU is proud to have a large active membership, and encourages people to get involved, no matter what they want to do or how much time they can commit.

Our History

Radio KTU has a rich history of pioneering broadcasting, beginning in 2001 when special FM broadcasts and numerous charity events.