2nd International Black sea Mining and Tunneling Symposium


Tunneling and Rock Mechanics

Mining Extraction and General Aspects of Mining

Mineral Processing

Drilling and Blasting Applications in Tunneling

Coal Gasification, Methane Drainage and Coal Conversion Technologies

Coal Preparation, Clean Coal Technologies

Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Applications in Tunneling

Drilling and Blasting Applications in Mining

Comminution and Classification

Theoretical and Experimental Rock Mechanics

Exploration Studies, Mining Geology and Geostatistics

Hydrometallurgy and Bio Hydrometallurgy

Numerical Modeling in Tunneling and Rock Mechanics

Renewable Energy

Mineral-Material Characterization and Process Mineralogy

Underground Excavations in Civil and Mining Engineering

Natural Stone Quarrying

Physical Enrichment

Rock Mass Characterization

Mine Mechanization and Automation

Precious Metals

Instrumentation Monitoring in Rock Engineering

Waste Management and Reclamation/Rehabilitation

Surface Chemistry and Flotation

NATM Applications in Tunneling

Mine Design and Planning

Industrial Minerals

Mechanical Excavation in Tunneling

Mine Ventilation

Dewatering and Environment


Numerical Modeling in Mining

Recycling and Waste Processing

Backfill Applications


Underground and Surface Mine Stability

New Approaches in Mine Support